Board of Selectmen, July 26, 2021

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Public Hearings RSA 674:40-a 00:05:53

Acceptance of Loy Drive & McCarron Drive

Public Comment 00:07:12

Donation acceptance 00:16:07

of $2,760 for eight (8) Crosswalk pedestrian signs (New Business)

19 Dumas Ave “Breaker’s at Boar’s Head” 00:17:21

Condominium Parking request (New Business)

Approval of Minutes 00:21:31

July 12, 2021

Consent Agenda 00:21:41

Ed Tinker, Contract Assessor (MRI) 00:22:27

2020 Abatements

Kristi Pulliam, Finance Director 00:24:31

Monthly Financials & Channel 22 purchase

Jennifer Hale, Director and Joseph Lynch, DPW 00:41:00

Introduction of Deputy Director, Appointments as TAC representatives, Uniform Bid, WWTP Upgrades update, Jones Ave Resident Parking, & Acceptance of sewer easements - Chase Street properties

John Nyhan, President Hampton Area Chamber of Comm 01:08:04

Summary overview of the 2021 Hampton Beach Seafood Festival, Parade and Gathering request & approval, Road Closure request & approval, & Arrangement for handicap transportation with the Parks and Recreation Department

Town Manager’s Report 01:25:56

Resident’s Petition “Resident Parking Only” 01:34:11

Ancient, Toppan, Shaw, James, Beach Plum (Old Business)

Other Old Business 01:44:09

CDC/ATSDR Pease Health Study 01:49:50

placement of signs on Town property (New Business)

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