Board of Selectmen, December 28, 2020

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Public Comment 00:08:29

Announcements and Community Calendar 00:13:27

Approval of Minutes 00:13:59

Consent Agenda 00:14:37

Chief Sawyer, Police Department 00:14:40

Mounted Police Patrol Horses

Kristi Pulliam, Finance Director 00:25:51

Monthly Financials

Town Manager's Report 00:35:45

New Business: RSA 36-A:4 00:52:02

New Business: Bond Release 00:54:35

New Business: Sale of Cemetery Lots 00:55:20

New Business: Transfer of Cemetery Lots 00:56:30

New Business: 2021 BOS Schedule 00:57:13

Other New Business 01:02:33

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